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Beijing is the perfect place to always surprise you with its incredible ancient past and exciting present. Mybeijingchina provides information of every part of Beijing, from its history to mordern architecture, from the most famous attractions to off-the-beaten path, from hotel recommendation to fun things you should not miss. Furthermore, Mybeijingchina helps visitors to explore Beijing with Beijing Private Tours, Beijing Side Trips and Beijing Day Tour. Is Beijing on your "bucket list"? Mark it off Now!

Beijing Travel Information

history of Beijing


Yao People


Local People in Longsheng


Yao People


Local People in Longsheng


Fisherman on Li River


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Recommended Tours

Thoughtfully-selected Tibet tours that mark high raking by our customers

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4-day Essence of Beijing Tour

  • Visit the must see attractions in 4 days
  • Immerse yourself in history,spiritual culture and nature beauty
  • Standing on the Great Wall
From $519 View details
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3-day Visa Free Beijing Travel

  • Walk along the Forbidden City
  • Visit local family get know the daily life of residents.
  • Tibet Entry Permit apply by our company.
From $369 View details
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6-day Beijing Great Wall Hiking

  • Hiking the wild section of the Great Wall
  • Visit local village experience their life style
  • Taste local dishes
From $589 View details