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D233, d233 (Letters are case-insensitive.) Chinese trains come in five kinds: regular(only numbers), fast(K/N), express(D/T), direct(Z), tourist(Y) and temporary(L). Make sure your input is exactly correct to avoid wrong matches.

Beijing Trains

  1. Beijing to Anyang Trains
  2. Beijing to Anshan Trains
  3. Beijing to Baotou Trains
  4. Beijing to Baoji Trains
  5. Beijing to Cangzhou Trains
  6. Beijing to Changchun Trains
  7. Beijing to Changsha Trains
  8. Beijing to Chengde Trains
  9. Beijing to Chengdu Trains
  10. Beijing to Chifeng Trains
  11. Beijing to Dalian Trains
  12. Beijing to Datong Trains
  13. Beijing to Dandong Trains
  14. Beijing to Dangyang Trains
  15. Beijing to Dezhou Trains
  16. Beijing to Dongsheng Trains
  17. Beijing to Dongguan Trains
  18. Beijing to Fuzhou Trains
  19. Beijing to Fuxin Trains
  20. Beijing to Fuyang Trains
  21. Beijing to Ganzhou Trains
  22. Beijing to Guangzhou Trains
  23. Beijing to Guiyang Trains
  24. Beijing to Guilin Trains
  25. Beijing to Harbin Trains
  26. Beijing to Handan Trains
  27. Beijing to Hancheng Trains
  28. Beijing to Hankou Trains
  29. Beijing to Hanzhong Trains
  30. Beijing to Hangzhou Trains
  31. Beijing to Hefei Trains
  32. Beijing to Heze Trains
  33. Beijing to Hengshui Trains
  34. Beijing to Hengyang Trains
  35. Beijing to Hohhot Trains
  36. Beijing to Huaihua Trains
  37. Beijing to Huairou Trains
  38. Beijing to Jilin Trains
  39. Beijing to Jinan Trains
  40. Beijing to Jiayuguan Trains
  41. Beijing to Jinggangshan Trains
  42. Beijing to Kunming Trains
  43. Beijing to Lhasa Trains
  44. Beijing to Lanzhou Trains
  45. Beijing to Lianyungang Trains
  46. Beijing to Linfen Trains
  47. Beijing to Longyan Trains
  48. Beijing to Longhua Trains
  49. Beijing to Luanping Trains
  50. Beijing to Luoyang Trains
  51. Beijing to Macheng Trains
  52. Beijing to Manzhouli Trains
  53. Beijing to Mudanjiang Trains
  54. Beijing to Nanchang Trains
  55. Beijing to Nanjing Trains
  56. Beijing to Nanning Trains
  57. Beijing to Nantong Trains
  58. Beijing to Nanyang Trains
  59. Beijing to Ningbo Trains
  60. Beijing to Panzhihua Trains
  61. Beijing to Qingdao Trains
  62. Beijing to Rizhao Trains
  63. Beijing to Sanya Trains
  64. Beijing to Shanghai Trains
  65. Beijing to Shenzhen Trains
  66. Beijing to Shenyang Trains
  67. Beijing to Shiyan Trains
  68. Beijing to Shijiazhuang Trains
  69. Beijing to Songyuan Trains
  70. Beijing to Suzhou Trains
  71. Beijing to Taiyuan Trains
  72. Beijing to Taishan Trains
  73. Beijing to Taizhou Trains
  74. Beijing to Tangshan Trains
  75. Beijing to Tanggu Trains
  76. Beijing to Tianjin Trains
  77. Beijing to Tonghua Trains
  78. Beijing to Tongliao Trains
  79. Beijing to Tumen Trains
  80. Beijing to Turfan Trains
  81. Beijing to Weihai Trains
  82. Beijing to Wenzhou Trains
  83. Beijing to Urumqi Trains
  84. Beijing to Wuhu Trains
  85. Beijing to Wuchang Trains
  86. Beijing to Wuhan Trains
  87. Beijing to Xian Trains
  88. Beijing to Xiamen Trains
  89. Beijing to Xinyang Trains
  90. Beijing to Xuzhou Trains
  91. Beijing to Yantai Trains
  92. Beijing to Yanqing Trains
  93. Beijing to Yanshan Trains
  94. Beijing to Yinchuan Trains
  95. Beijing to Yuncheng Trains
  96. Beijing to Zhanjiang Trains
  97. Beijing to Zhangjiajie Trains
  98. Beijing to Zhangjiakou Trains
  99. Beijing to Zhenjiang Trains
  100. Beijing to Zhengzhou Trains
  101. Beijing to Chongqing Trains
  102. Beijing to Zunyi Trains

China Train Conditions

Traveling by train in China is one of the cheapest ways to travel some of the long distances in China and is used widely by the local population. It is important to know what to expect if you decide to travel by train in China.

The restaurant carriage will be located in the 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th carriage, depending on different trains. The choice of food will be limited and only Chinese food will be available. Most local people buy food in advance or buy food from the vendors on board the trains.

English is generally not spoken by any of the staff on the trains or in the railway stations. Limited English sign is available in the railway stations.

China Train Types

In China, train numbers are usually indicated with a capital letter followed by several numerals. The letter indentifies the category of the train, which is often determined by speed and the number of stops the train will make during the journey. The better categories accordingly represent the higher level of price, speed, service, facilities and cleanness, and fewer number of stops along the way. The common used letters (categories) are as follows:

  1. D trains – Bullet Trains (Dongche)
  2. Z trains – Direct Express (Zhida)
  3. T trains – Express Trains (Tekuai)
  4. K trains – Fast Trains (Kuaisu)

Beijing Train Stations & Transfers

There are three major railway stations in Beijing: Beijing Railway station, Beijing West Railway station and Beijing South Railway station. Trains leaving for most cities of China depart from the three stations. The Beijing North Railway Station, formerly known as the Xizhimen Railway Station, is now a small (Tier-III) station managed by the Beijing Railway Bureau that provides regular intercity train services to the north and northwest. It is also the southern terminus for the Beijing Suburban Railway.

  1. Beijing West Railway Station
  2. Beijing Railway Station
  3. Beijing South Railway Station
  4. Beijing North Railway Station

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