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Beijing, as one of the great ancient capitals, it is home to many of the finest remnants of China's imperial past. It is rich in history and culture yet has the vibrancy of a city which has been reborn.

Our Beijing Tours are carefully designed to cater for every unique needs of our customers. We sorted out the tours below by days, by group members, by tour theme, by destination and by budget. Check it out and book now! Furthermore,we are flexible to tailor-made any tours at your request.

Top 3 Beijing Tours

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4-day Essence of Beijing Tour

  • Visit the must see attractions in 4 days
  • Immerse yourself in history,spiritual culture and nature beauty
  • Standing on the Great Wall
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3-day Visa Free Beijing Travel

  • Walk along the Forbidden City
  • Visit local family get know the daily life of residents.
  • Tibet Entry Permit apply by our company.
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6-day Beijing Great Wall Hiking

  • Hiking the wild section of the Great Wall
  • Visit local village experience their life style
  • Taste local dishes
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Four Most Common Questions and Answers

What is the best time to visit Beijing?

Guilin is well-renown for its Li River, caves, Karst landscape in Yangshuo and longji rice terraces in Longsheng with local minority culture. The charming of those views are not affected a lot by the seasons,which means visitors can enjoy the beauty of Guilin all year round for different charms.

Usually locals believe early spring (April and May) and early autumn (September and October) are the best time to visit when the places are at their best. These periods are also the most comfortable and recommended seasons to visit Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng.

If possible, avoid Summer Holiday in China (July and August) when it is very hot and very crowded. All Chinese holidays should also be avoided when planning the trip in China, e.g. May Day Holdiay (May 1 - May 3), National Day Holiday (October 1 - October 7) and Spring Festival.

What are the must-do for first-timers?

Things include city highlights like the Forbidden City, climb up to the Great Wall and Temple of Heaven as well as taking a cruise on the Kunming Lake in Summer Palace and visiting a local family in Hutong Area; After dinner, walk along the Houhai area to experience leisure life style as Beijingese. You are stay 3 or 4 days in Beijing to experience its history and development for first time.

Why would I need the guide and car service in Beijing?

First, a guide will absolutely maximize your time in Beijing. Our guides are local people spending over 200 days per year in these places to guide foreigners. They know all the up-to-date information and have a deep understanding of the areas.

Secondly, a car will save you time and trouble. When people talk about visiting Beijing, they are not just referring to Beijing city because some attractions are far from city center, such as Great Wall. A private car with an experienced local driver will solve most of problems.

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