The Great Wall

The Great Wall was a gigantic defensive project used in ancient times as early as in the 7th century B.C. For self-protection, subsequent dynasties continued to strengthen and extend the wall. Over a history of more than 2000 years, The Great Wall presently extends 8851.8km (5,500 miles) from its origin, at the seaside in Shanhaiguan (the Old Dragon Head), a seaport along the coast of Bohai Bay in the east, all the way to Jiayu Pass in Gansu Province. Some of the Great Wall sections (Badaling, Mutianyu) have been restored and opened to tourists while some are now still in ruins (Jiankou, Simatai), partially open to public. There is a saying that “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a real man”. Visiting the Great Wall of China is a dream of travelers from all over the world.

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Great Wall Facts

Location: North China

Length: 8851.8km (5,500 miles)

Origin: Extends from Shanhaiguan, east of Qinhuangdao city to Jiayuguan, west of Gangsu Province

History: Around 2000 years

Main Sections: 8 main sections in Beijing city

Great Wall Features

The Great Wall was built over different dynasties. There are 8 sections of the Great Wall in Beijing city and most of the sections are well-preserved: Badaling Great Wall, Juyongguan Great Wall, Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall, Mutianyu Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, and Simatai Great Wall.

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Great Wall Sections Distance Length Features Level Facilities Accommodations
Badaling Great Wall 60km (38 miles) northwest of Beijing 3.7km the most popular, the first section opened to tourists Easy cable car available Commune by the Great Wall
Juyongguan Great Wall 55km (34 miles) northwest of Beijing 4.1km the nearest and most conveniently accessed section Moderate / Juyongguan Guest House
Huanghuacheng Great Wall 80km (50 miles) northwest of Beijing 12.4km original, steep, perilous, the latest section popular with hikers Advanced / Local Guest House
Jiankou Great Wall 70km (43 miles) northwest of Beijing 20km partially open, original, broken, steep, adventurous, for serious hikers only Advanced / Local Guest House
Mutianyu Great Wall 90km (56 miles) northwest of Beijing 3km restored, less crowded section than Badaling, photogenic forest scenery Moderate cable car available Shambhala at the Great Wall
Gubeikou Great Wall 120km (75 miles) northeast of Beijing 13.6km wild, original, broken, including Wohushan Great Wall and Panlongshan Great Wall Advanced / Local Guest House
Jinshanling Great Wall 130km (81 miles) northeast of Beijing 10.5km original, steep, unusual circular towers, elaborate defensive walls Advanced / Jinshanling Guest House
Simatai Great Wall 124km (77 miles) northeast of Beijing 5.4km steep, unrestored, harrowing, Miyun Reservoir west of the wall Advanced cable car available Simatai Guest House

Recommended Great Wall Tours

The Great Wall is a must-see site when visting Beijing. We offer various kinds of ways to explore the magnificent views of different sections of the Great Wall. No matter you are a first time visitor or a repeated customer, there will be one fits your needs.

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Great Wall Photo Tours Great Wall Biking Tours Beijing City Packages with the Great Wall
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Great Wall Packages

Explore the Great Wall sections that maintain their original features from the Ming Dynasty - 400 years ago while partaking of amazing view from the watchtower; stay in a hostel and taste the local food made by villagers. These sections are ideal places for hiking enthusiasts to test themselves against the steep gradients and to enjoy the landscape.

Great Wall Day Trips

The Great Wall is one of China's most iconic sights and is a must-see sights for visitors. The Great Wall day trips are daily available and includ any of the eight sections of the Great Wall around Beijing, suitable for those with limited time to spend a day to absorb in the magnificnet view of the Great Wall.


Great Wall Hiking Tours

5-6 hours per day trekking on the Great Wall, experience the physical challenge and the amazing views from the watchtowers. You could choose either hiking level of the tour according to your physical conditions. Great Wall hiking tour is really a fun & authentic experience.

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Great Wall Photo Tour

Beijing is rich of discovery to explore while the Great Wall, always ranks the must-see site for tourists. The winding walls which maintain the features from Ming Dynasty, as long as its magnificent views will give good and memorable photographs.

Beijing City Packages with the Great Wall

There's so many attractions that you should not miss in Beijing City. Our Beijing city packages take in as many of the must-see sites as possible, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Hutong, the Temple of Heaven, etc. to show you a real Beijing in multi-days.

Great Wall Group Tours

Great Wall Group tours are available on fixed dates. Visit the spectacular Great Wall in a small group by coach at the best possible price while get acknowledged with some other people of all nationalities and ages. Our local English-speaking guide and professional local driver will escort you all through the tour.

Great Wall Biking Tours

Biking, acting as what locals do, is a great way to get from sights to sights and explore the highlights differently. Explore the imerial city on bike and cycle through the crowd to rural villages, then final reach the Great Wall. Climb the Great Wall and visit some local villages around by bike.

Sleeping at the Great Wall Tours

It would be a special experience to spend a night at the luxury properties by the Great Wall after exploring the views on the Great Wall. Escape from the hustling, plunge yourself into this private, peaceful environment while with absorbing in great mountain views.

Beijing China Tours with the Great Wall

China is of so many attaractions to explore while the Great Wall is the symbol of China. Start your memorable China tour from Beijing to explore this historical and fascinating nation.

the great wall
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