Getting There


You can travel to Beijing by Air, Train or Luxury Express Coach

By Air to Beijing

The largest airport in China, BeijingCapitalAirport (Tel: 64653604), is about 25 kilometers (16 miles) northeast of Beijing center. Beijing Capital International Airport Co. Ltd has 38 major foreign cooperative airline companies, 21 domestic airlines, 1 Hong Kong airline and 1 Macao airline using the airport.

Money Exchange

After arriving you can exchange a small amount of money at the Bank of China counter near the Arrival Hall Exit.

Transport to City

After arriving in Beijing you can go into the city by one of the following means:

Airport Shuttle

The airport shuttle runs every 30 minutes from early 5:30 to 20:00, and cover different routes. and the cost is 16RMB (about $2). The bus stops at certain places in the city and you can continue to other destination in the city by Taxi.

Airport Taxi

The legitimate taxis in a long queue outside the Arrival Hall. The line is usually quite long but taxis move quickly so you won't wait long. At the head of the line a dispatcher will give you your taxi's number, which is useful in case of complaints. The charge will be at least 100RMB but pay according to the meter, which includes an expressway toll of 15RMB. After 23:00, you will pay more.

Hotel Shuttle

The best and easiest way is to go by hotel shuttle. Most major hotels will have this service. When making a hotel reservation, be sure to ask for airport shuttle service from the airport.

By Train to Beijing

Beijing is easily accessible by train from all parts of China. Please remember though that China is a very large country and that train travel is much slower than air. Please ask about travel times when you consider train travel. 

Some of the major domestic routes include:

Xi'an to Beijing: generally takes about 10 hours

Guangzhou to Beijing: takes about 30 hours

Harbin to Beijing: takes about 20 hours

Shanghai to Beijing: takes about 14 hours.

Train travel may be difficult for some and little English is spoken on most trains.

There are four railway stations in Beijing: Beijing Railway Station (in eastern Beijing), Beijing West Railway Station (in the southwest of the city), Yongdingmen Station (in the south) and Xizhimen Station (in the north). Many buses stop at these stations, so you need not worry about getting downtown from these places.

By Luxury Express Coach to Beijing

If you are in a city which is closed to Beijing you will find to get to Beijing by bus is very convenient. There are four major long-distance bus stations: Dongzhimen (northeast; Dongzhimenwai Xiejie), Muxiyuan (south; Haihutun, Fengtai District), Beijiao (north; Deshengmenwai) and Majun or Guangqumen (east; Guangqumenwai).

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