Shidu (Ten Ferries)

Shidu means Ten Ferries, or Ten Crossings. The Ten Farries derives its name from the zig -zag River –Juma River.

Ten Ferries is the only nature scenic spot which features the karst hoodoo and river valley geomorgy. This character gave Ten Ferries another name “Northern Guilin”. On both sides, you can see towering cliffs, magnificent mountains and beautiful reflections in the water.

The twelve main scenic spots of Ten Ferries are “Thousand Feet Window”, “Beacon Hill”, “Sunlight Mountain”, “Torre Pond”, “Ox Shadow Cave”, “Five Finger Mountain”, “Frog Mouth Stone”, “Tongtian Cave”, “Full Moon Hill’, “Pingxi Matyrs Cemetery” and “Six Heroes Monument”. The Natural Bathing Pool was probably the most popular one.

Location: Fangshan District

Price: depends on the scenic spot you want to visit

How to get there:

  • Buses at the Tianqiao and Liuliqiao bus stations to Shidu.
  • Take a train at the Yongdingmen Railway Station

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