Longqing Gorge

Longqing Gorge is located in the Yanqing County and 85 kilometers from downtown Beijing. The gorge has a nickname of 'Little Three Gorges' for it features clear waters, wooded mountains, towering peaks and karst caves. The main attractions of gorge are the Longqing Gorge Cruise, Hundred Flowers Cave, and the Immortal temples.

Near the entrance, a grand waterfall plummets down 164 feet from the dam above. On both sides, towering peaks and strange formations will stimulate thinking and imagination. No matter a natural Buddha stone or a bell shape hill rising from the water are all wonders you want to marvel. Though it has its magnificent soul it also got a charming spirit. So the "Voyager" magazine puts it “the Longqing Gorge compare favorably with Li River and Yangtze River”.

Location: Yanqing County

Price: 40 RMB (70 RMB during the Ice and Snow Festival)

How to get there:

  • 919 Kuai from Deshengmen to Yanqing Bus Station, and then transfer to No.920 to the Longqing Gorge.
  • Take a tourist bus from Tiananmen or Xuanwumen to the Longqing Gorge (available on weekends and Chinese legal holidays from April 7 to October 15)

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