Miyun Reservoir

Miyun Reservoir is the biggest reservoir in Asia, people like to call it “Pearl of Yan Mountain”. It was founded in September, 1960, covers 1, 880, 000 square kilometers. Road around the reservoir is 110 kilometers’ long, cost 3 hours to get around by bus. It was one of the most famous scenic spots of Jingdong because its fascinating scenery attracts thousands of tourists to come to visit it every year. The first thing you see when you reach to the reservoir is the giant dam. Standing on it you will see the whole image of the area except for the edge of the reservoir. In the northwest of the dam is a 900 meters’ mountain which called “Wuzuolou” (means five buildings), on the top of it has five beacon towers. People came here to travel, to fish, to recuperate or to avoid the hot season. If you get extra time after you finished the Miyun Reservoir you can drop by the Miyun International Amusement Park and the White River Park.

Location: Miyun County

Price: 59 RMB

How to get there:

  • take the shuttle bus in Dongzhi Gate to the Miyun Station, and then take a minibus to get there

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