Jingdong Grand Canyon

Jingdong Grand Canyon is a national AAA scenic spot, which covers about 6 square kilometers (nearly 1,500 acres). Jingdong Grand Canyon features Steep Mountains and deep valleys. A wide range of beautiful landscapes is provided here. Here has wooded mountains, clear rivers, Karst caves, deep dolines, wide valleys, towering peaks and plunging waterfalls. Hundreds of pine trees are growing in the canyon which made it a wonderful place.

The main scenic spots of Jingdong Grand Canyon are the Wulong Pond, Tongtian Gorge, the Plank Roads, Lake of Dragon Gate and the Memorial of the Sino-Japanese War.

Location: Pinggu County

Price: 35RMB

How to get there:

  • Take bus no. 918 at Beijing's Commuter-Bus Hub Station ("Dongzhimen"), which will take you to the public park entrance of the canyon.
  • On weekends and public holidays, a special tourist bus, bus no. 14, can be taken either from Dongdaqiao Road in the Chaoyang District, or from Zhanlan Road in the Xicheng District. Check locally for departure/arrival times.

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