Beijing Spring Tour Deal

Beijing Spring Tours

Beijin Tour Deals in Spring

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  • Beijing Classic Tour

    Beijing Classic Tour

    4 Days | Price from $288

    See the essence of Beijing by visiting its most popular attractions and have a taste of the well-known Peking Duck.

  • Beijing Post-Olympic Tour

    Beijing Post-Olympic Tour

    5 Days | Price from $309

    Beijing is a city of 5000 years history and the host of 2008 Olympic Games with high civilization. Take the tour to find more than that on TV or books.

  • Beijing City In-Depth Tour

    Beijing City In-Depth Tour

    6 Days | Price from $389

    Explore Beijing in-depth and experience local residents' real life by visiting the city highlights and hutong family visit.

Great Wall Tours

"he who has never been to the Great Wall is not a hero". Only you were there, will you have an immersed sense of the majesty of the Wall. April and May with pleasant weather is one of the best time to trek on the walls. Pack your bag and embark on your adventure now!

Spring Flower Tours

Spring is in full swing with trees budding and flowers blooming. The flowers start to bloom from late March and early April and lasts for only 15 days to 20 days. Timing is important for viewing spring flowers.

Photography Tours

Beiing is beautiful in Spring as the city has greened up and the flowers are in full bloom. Capture the city's best moment through your eyes and camera.

Biking Tours

Cycling is a cozy and relaxing way to tour around. Biking Tour is not just a way to get from sights to sights, but also a way to become one with the Chinese in the bike lane. You will cross the main streets and hutong alleys to experience local people's real life.


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