Capital Museum

The plan of Beijing Capital Museum, located in the Confucius Temple, opened to the public in 1981. Because it is the major cultural construction project in Beijing of the “10th Five-Year Plan”, approved by Beijing Municipal Government in 1999, further approved by the State Council, the Capital Museum finally started to commence its construction in December 2001. After four years’ hard work, the museum announces its debut along the western extension at Chang’an Avenue (the First Street of China). With its magnificent architecture, abundant exhibitions, advanced technology and complete functions, the new Capital Museum makes its honor the titles such as “famous historical and cultural city”, “cultural center” and “international metropolis” of Beijing and ranks among the top museums at both home and abroad. The architectural design concept is “Based on human and cultural heritages to serve the society” and underlines “Harmonious integration of past and present, history and modernism, art and nature.

Abundant Exhibitions

In the new Capital Museum, the articles are mainly the former collections and unearthed historical heritages around Beijing area, along with the latest research results on the history, cultural heritages, archeology and relevant subjects of Beijing. Furthermore, through learning from other top museums, modern exhibitions featured by Beijing characteristics are shaped. The compilation of the exhibition layout was started in 2000, the same year as the new Capital Museum undertook the construction. The goal of the museum is to adopt new design concepts and break traditional exhibition pattern, which use modern exhibition technologies, methods to create an outstanding exhibition style and give visitors the personal experience to make exhibition more touchable, lively, vivid, and interactive as well as cater all visitors.

Service of Supreme Quality

To show the principle of “human service concept”, the new Capital Museum is operated based on the complete and advanced equipment, facilities. Reception Facilities: the Capital Museum has multi-language reception and consultation, luggage-storage counters, public watering place, chairs for rest, parking lots for motor and non-motor vehicles.
Narrator and interpretation Services: it provides the public with free multi-language view guide maps, color papers of exhibition introduction both in Chinese and English; multi-language explanation and special expert explanation; touch screen consulting computers, multi-language intelligent audio tour guide and multi-language personal digital assistants (PDA) tour guide initially adopted in China.

*Open Time: 9:00 to 17:00 Tuesdays through Sundays (sales stop at 16:00)

Detailed Location of Each Exhibition Hall

  Square Hall Round Hall
Basement Temporary Exhibition Hall Multifunctional Hall
First Floor Temporary Exhibition Hall Multimedia Playing HallInteractive Hall
Second Floor Ancient Capital -- History and Culture Exhibition of Fine Artistic Collection of Ancient Calligraphy
Third Floor Ancient Capital Beijing -- Urban Construction Exhibition of Fine Artistic Collection of Ancient Paintings
Fourth Floor Exhibition of Fine Artistic Collection of Ancient ChinawareExhibition of Fine Artistic Collection of Ancient Buddha StatuesDrama Stage Exhibition of Fine Artistic Collection of Ancient Jade Ware
Fifth Floor Old Stories of Beijing -- Exhibition of Old Beijing Folk Customs Exhibition of Fine Artistic Collection of Ancient Jade Ware
Sixth Floor   Exhibition of Fine Gadgets of Studies

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