Beijing Aquarium

Beijing Aquarium is located on the north bank of the Chang River within the Beijing Zoo. It covers 120,000 square meters with a construction area of 42,000 square meters. It is the largest inland aquarium in the world which breeds more than 1,000 marine species and freshwater fish.

There are seven exhibition halls in the building. They were designed to cultivate people, educate students, and protect ecological environment. And these seven exhibition halls are Rainforest Adventure, Touch Pool, Wonder of Coral Reefs, Shark Harbor, Rare Chinese Sturgeon Hall, Whales and Globefish Hall and Marine Theater. The tourists can be benefited from the visiting and then become more conscious of “love marine animals and protect the earth of our home".

Beijing Aquarium was honored “Beijing's civilized Tourist Scenic Spot". Beijing Aquarium has attracted more than 7 million tourists home and abroad ever since it was opened in March 1999.

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