Yuyuantan Park

Yuyuantan Park is Located west of Tiananmen Square in Haidian District which is known for its blossoming cherry trees and beautiful, glimmering lake. The park covers 140 hectares while the lake spanning over half of its grounds. It was used to be an imperial fishing spot in the ancient times. But in 1960, the park was opened to the public and named the Jade Lake Park, known as Yuyuantan in Chinese.

The garden has over 3,000 cherry trees of 20 different species planted around the lake. An annual cherry blossom festival is held in early spring when cherry trees blossom, thousands of tourists come to the park to enjoy the stunning scenery.

Boating and biking is the most popular activity in the Jade Lake Park. There is a small swimming area opened in mid-summer, those who brave enough to enter the Beijing waters can take a part in this activity.

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