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Beijing - Hancheng Train Schedule
Train No. Arrival City Dep. Time /
Arr. Time
Duration / Distance(KM) Prospect Price
K609 Beijing - Hancheng 23:58
Hard Seat: $US$21
Hard Sleeper: $US$35
Soft Sleeper: $US$55
Train Stations Stations in Chinese Arrival Time Dept. Time Distance(km) Total Time
Beijing 北京 - 23:58 0 null
Renqiu 任丘 01:36 01:39 157 null
Hengshui 衡水 03:18 03:45 284 null
Xinji 辛集 04:18 04:21 331 null
Shijiazhuang Bei (North) 石家庄北 05:22 05:43 416 null
Yangquan Bei (North) 阳泉北 06:45 06:47 520 null
Taiyuan 太原 07:47 08:10 641 null
Yuci 榆次 08:31 08:35 668 null
Taigu 太谷 09:02 09:05 704 null
Pingyao 平遥 09:35 09:39 749 null
Jiexiu 介休 10:04 10:10 780 null
Lingshi 灵石 10:35 10:38 807 null
Huozhou 霍州 11:14 11:17 850 null
Linfen 临汾 12:13 12:19 915 null
Houma 侯马 13:09 13:14 975 null
Xinjiang 新绛 13:29 13:32 991 null
Jishan 稷山 13:50 13:53 1011 null
Hejin 河津 14:16 14:19 1037 null
Hancheng 韩城 15:16 - 1080 null

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  2. 2. A China train tickets booking service is also provided by ChinaTravel.com. Due to the high demand for train tickets during the holidays periods, especially the Chinese Spring Festival mass migration period (in January and February), it can be very difficult to obtain a train ticket, so ChinaTravel.com temporarily stops selling train tickets. We suggest you take China flights as a better option to avoid queues, crowding, and disappointment.
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  4. 4. Please be advised that not all the trains depart daily. Please refer to local stations for detailed information of those trains.
  • Hard Seat: the cheapest option, and the coaches are usually overcrowded.
  • Soft Seat: one level above the hard seat, cleaner and more comfortable.
  • Hard Sleeper: basic accommodation for overnight or long-distance train travel; six bunks in a compartment.
  • Soft Sleeper: 4 bunks per compartment, each compartment being separate with a door; recommended for overnight and long-distance travel.
  • First Class Seat: available in D trains (Dongche); four seats a row, wider and more comfortable than soft seats; smoking is not allowed; recommended for several hours'ride;
  • Second Class Seat: available in D trains (Dongche); five seats a row, smaller sitting area than first class seats; smoking is not allowed.
  • Luxury Soft Sleeper: top level sleeper; only available in a few trains; 2 bunks per compartment, each compartment being separate with a door.

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